About us

Jose Nalani is a luxury accommodations company founded by two dynamic individuals with a passion for travel, Talia Abrams and Tadeo Pineda Molina. 

Talia Abrams



A native Hawaiian from Kauai, brings extensive knowledge of the islands' natural beauty and rich culture to the company. With a background in political science, Talia has developed exceptional negotiation skills that are instrumental in securing the best deals and partnerships for the company. Furthermore, her proficiency in multiple languages including Spanish, and English, enables her to communicate effectively with a diverse range of clients and partners, ensuring that all their needs and expectations are met.


An industrial engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, brings his extensive background in big companies, sharp business mindset, and passion for travel to the table. With his proficiency in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese, Tadeo is able to communicate fluently with a wide range of clients and partners from different cultural backgrounds, ensuring that their needs and expectations are met.

Tadeo Pineda Molina


Together, Talia and Tadeo have combined their expertise and love for travel to create high-end accommodations for both business and leisure travelers. What sets Jose Nalani apart is their commitment to providing not just luxury amenities, but also an authentic and immersive cultural experience for their guests. With Talia's knowledge of Hawaiian culture and Tadeo's business acumen, Jose Nalani offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience for all who stay with them.